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Marketing Nutritional Supplements

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Marketing Nutritional SupplementsIf you’re a marketer in the nutritional supplement industry, you better know your stuff. The supplement industry is hyper competitive and is anticipated to continue growing at an aggressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% between now and 2020.

In addition to that, new companies are sprouting up every day. As more research is done to discover newer supplements, on top of innovating the use of current supplements, entrepreneurs see the opportunity to make a mark in this industry. With all this competition, however, it becomes important for any business to stand out. How they position themselves will determine how consumers react to their brand, and that takes a comprehensive marketing strategy that highlights the most important features of the product.

Marketing nutritional supplements isn’t an easy task. Below, we discuss three tactics that can help in optimizing your supplement marketing better reach your customer base.

Highlight What Makes Your Supplement Different

There has to be something about your nutritional supplement that makes it unique. Something in the way it is produced or in its effectiveness. Maybe your supplement is designed specifically for athletes to recover after a practice, game, or workout. This level of specificity allows you to focus on a narrow group of targets who will gain the most from using your product. In a multi-billion dollar industry, marketing to a small niche still means you can create a highly profitable company. Highlighting a particular feature is one way to gain attention to your product and achieve this profitability.

Earned Media Is Key in Marketing

Distributing marketing content through your own platforms is essential to any marketing campaign. Whether it’s social media, e-mail marketing, or direct mail marketing, it’s important you utilize those resources to communicate to your customers. But there are few things more powerful than earned media, which is having others validate the effectiveness of your product and sharing it through their own channels. This is no difference when marketing nutritional supplements. Marketers should be actively seeking out influencers within the industry. Connecting with these influencers so they can review your product or communicate their own experiences with your product is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy and confirms your product’s effectiveness.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Product Description

Operating in the health and fitness industry means you are automatically in a sensitive market. Consumers in this industry are careful about what they put in their bodies and need to know explicitly the contents of your supplements. In the case of some athletes, knowing the contents of your supplement can have a significant impact on their career as the contents must be in line with whatever regulations their sport specifies. Being thorough in describing the ingredients in your supplements builds trust with your consumers and shows your willingness to be transparent.

When it comes to trust, clients have turned to Macromark with all of their direct mail marketing needs. We have over three decades of experience in direct mail and have helped countless businesses find success within the nutritional supplement industry.

If you are a supplement company looking for ways to optimize your marketing efforts, contact us today. Macromark has earned a reputation for gaining results for our clients and can help your business do the same.


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David Klein

David Klein

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