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Seminars / Opportunity Magazines Lists


The Improve My Life Seminar Attendees list consists of home business opportunity buyers that are always searching for the very best income generating system available. They invest a great deal of time and money in their search for the optimal plan, often sitting through long presentations to gather every bit of information to add to the wealth of learning that they have already accomplished. They are willing to test the waters time and time again to find the perfect fit.


Home Business Magazine subscribers are proactive go-getters who are looking to make money whenever they can. They have sought out Home Business Magazine due to its reputation for comprehensive news and information on the hottest business opportunities available. Every issue of Home Business Magazine is packed with valuable information on how to make the most out of a home-based business program. Upon reading the articles of its many experts, readers gain the ability to see how to generate optimum income in the shortest time possible.


This is a masterfile of Macromark’s strong opportunity buyer lists. The list was created because of a number of large mailers (not necessarily opportunity) who want to test these lists but will not test small lists. Since the opportunity buyer lists are usually small, we responded to this need and combined our best opportunity buyer lists into one masterfile.


The Seminar Workshop Buyers list is made up of some of the best opportunity buyer lists on the market. The list was created to bring together opportunity buyer lists that are usually small, and provide a potent masterfile for direct marketers in need of large files.


The Titans Opportunity Success Masterfile consists of avid home business system buyers that are always on the hunt for the next big money maker. They crave the full control that an entrepreneur has over his business ventures every aspect, but better yet, reaps all profits from a well run income generating program. With vivid dreams of optimizing their financial futures, these customers are ready, willing and able to spend money to make money. They have answered the call to action via a direct mail solicitation and have made their purchase of an average of $199.00 by credit card. Many of these individuals have purchased multiple products to help them make more money and be successful and financially independent including real estate investment systems, manuals and books.