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Home Business Opportunity Mailing Lists

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Leading the world in successful Home Business Opportunity marketing campaigns, Macromark is ready to find the right marketing solutions to fit your direct mail, space, telemarketing and e-mail needs. Our veteran staff are the best in the industry, and will make sure that the programs and lists we use for your marketing efforts not only match your needs, but will also increase your ROI.

Macromark works for and services more home business opportunity companies for their marketing efforts than any other marketing service firm.
Home Business Opportunity Mailing Lists

4 Minutes For Real Easy Money

The 4 Minutes For Real-Easy Money list is comprised of money motivated buyers that are looking for ways to make money from their own homes. Whether they are supplementing their incomes, or starting a brand new business venture, these entrepreneurs want the flexibility that comes with being their own boss. They are ready to set their own hours and put in as much as they want, so that they can take out what they need.

Aaron Masterson Business Opportunity Buyers

These eager entrepreneurs have all paid when they were solicited in order to receive work at home business opportunities. Reach this universe of money hungry folks that want to make money from home in their spare time without doing much actual work. These buyers are chasing the “American Dream”, and won’t stop until they find it. Most of these buyers have purchased many business opportunity programs, and will again.

Absolute Wealth Opportunity Buyers

Western Creations Opportunity Buyers

Absolute Wealth Opportunity Buyers are highly moputivated entrepreneurs looking to earn financial freedom from their home. Whether it be a supplement to their existing income, or a brand new home business venture, these buyers are ready to work an internet based program to get the most out of it.

Advanced Marketing Concepts Buyers

Direct mail sold buyers spend $29.95 to receive a 30+ page booklet on how to start their own business, make lots of money and become financially secure.

Asset Control Opportunity System

The Asset Control Opportunity System list is comprised of entrepreneurial minded buyers that are looking to make additional money from home in a quick and easy way. They want to break free from the grind and enter into a world of care-free wealth. With full control of the money they pull out of this program, the sky is the limit!

Auto Cash Funnel Buyers

The Auto Cash Funnel Buyers program has put together a comprehensive listing of the best ways and places to obtain free money! Tips creating cash flow and money for the asking is uncovered for the buyers of this cash system. Other free offers are exposed as well.

Automatic Cash Program Buyers

Fast cash or residual income is what attracted these proven buyers to one of several home-based money making offers. With an eagerness to become their own boss and set their own hours, they have responded to various direct mail offers to make money the easy way in a turnkey direct mail system.

Ben Bergin Opportunity Buyers

The Ben Bergin Opportunity Buyers list is comprised of adventurous entrepreneurs looking to supplement their income, or get involved in their own home based income generating opportunity.

Characters Club Opportunity Buyers

Characters Club has presented a unique proposal to business opportunity buyers, the flipping of licensed character products for 50% of the profits! With the strong desire to be their own boss and work in their spare time to optimum effect, Characters Club has presented them with a system whereby they need to put in just a few hours a week for possible monthly returns in excess of $3000.00.

Coffeeberry Business Opportunity Buyers

Buyers on the CoffeeBerry Business Opportunity Buyers list are both health conscious and money minded individuals who have decided to work these two qualities in tandem with a health related, income generating plan.

Cooper Collection Opportunity Buyers

All are direct mail buyers of various work @ home offers. The offers include MLM Postcard Mailing Program start-up package; as well as monthly commissions to members of the program for their efforts in selling books and recruiting new members.

Downline Builders Opportunity Buyers

This work at home business opportunity program “Confessions of a postcard Millionaire”, billed as “the 24 hour cash machine, the bailout program for the little guy”, teaches folks how “an underpaid, overworked MLM “junkie” from small town Texas discovered the hidden code” to success and wealth. These entrepreneurs are serious work at home enthusiasts and are looking for the next program that will help them achieve great success and countless riches.

Earn From Home Opportunity Buyers

Reach these recent buyers of a home based business starter kit. Looking to achieve financial freedom, these entrepreneurs have spent $50 or more for the kit and are eager to supplement their current income.

Easy Money Opportunity Buyers

The Easy money buyers list is a list of highly motivated buyers who have all purchased information on how they can increase the marketability of an opportunity they believe will lead them to financial success. Many of the people on the list are multi-buyers.

Fresh Start Home Income Buyers

Individuals on the Fresh Start Home Income list are financially motivated individuals who are looking to increase the amount of money they make. Whether it be to supplement their income or begin a new business venture, these business opportunity shoppers are ready to reap the rewards of a work at home program.

Gamma Opportunity Seekers

These hungry business opportunity seekers responded to classified ads in opportunity, as well as other, magazines. The ads are entitled, “Turn $25 into $200” or “Receive Check Daily”, and the like. They receive information about various money-making programs. The opportunities offered include: the “Fuel Network of America” program, where buyers spend $52 to become a distributor for the company’s products; or, the Prosper International League Limited (PILL) Program, where buyers spend $200 to become members.

Golden Reports System Buyers

These opportunity buyers are eager to make money from home using a variety of methods. Whether it’s trading stocks, commodities and options or working a “secret system” to make money, they all have one thing in common. They want to get rich and are not afraid of taking chances to accomplish that.

Hill Syphon Wealth Buyers

The Hill Syphon Wealth Buyers is comprised of home business opportunity consumers who are looking to make a big score in the easiest way possible. These entrepreneurs were qualified as interested through a preliminary direct mail piece that asked them to fill out a form and include a $20.00 processing fee.

Home Bank Income Opportunity

The Home Bank Income Opportunity program has presented these buyers with the potential to bring in big money in their spare time, and it can all be done from the comfort of home.

Homeland Cash Book Buyers

This all buyers list will work exceptionally well with home biz ops, envelope stuffing, MLM, lottery, travel offers, credit repair and much more. It works for everything. All are buyers who spend $25 – $40 which will “Guarantee a Profit in their Home Based Business”. Many of these book buyers also joined an envelope stuffing opportunity at the same time they purchased the book. They have heard the news stories and have read the newspaper articles about the shift in America toward home based business. They want in!

IIS Opportunity Buyers

These true entrepreneurs have all responded to postcard or telemarketing solicitations offering to make them untold fortunes by working from home. The folks on this list are all work at home enthusiasts that all paid at least $79 upfront for a business opportunity that includes online research & processing forms.

IIS Opportunity Responders

These true entrepreneurs have all responded to postcard or telemarketing solicitations offering to make them untold fortunes by working from home. The folks on this list are all work at home enthusiasts that responded, but did not ultimately buy a business opportunity to become an online researcher and processing forms.

Impact Television Money Machine

The individuals on this business opportunity buyers list are all financially motivated entrepreneur types who are looking to either start a new career or supplement their existing income. They have responded to one of several offers from Impact Television to either utilize the real estate market or the internet to reap the rewards of a work at home business.

Income Truck Opportunity Plan

The Income Truck Opportunity Plan list is filled with business savvy entrepreneurs that are expecting to create truckloads of cash through their new home business opportunity system. With the ability to put in as much time as they would like to, they can have complete control of their new influx of cash.

Infotech Business Opportunity Buyers

Individuals on the Infotech Business Opportunity Buyers list are computer savvy entrepreneurs that are looking to make extra money in their free time. They want to be their own boss and set their own hours and get involved in a “Recession Proof” system that will pull in the money regardless of the economic conditions. Infotech has offered them this exact opportunity and better yet, most of the work will be done for them. They simply sit back and watch a 4 figure cash influx roll into their bank accounts each month.

Instant Riches Opportunity Buyers

The Instant Riches Opportunity program has given these home business buyers the chance to make the most of their spare time, or perhaps even put forth a new full time business venture.

JS Instant Money Makers Buyers

The JS Instant Money Maker Buyers list is filled with savvy entrepreneurs that are looking to supplement their incomes with a high yield cash generating business opportunity. The ability to be their own boss and set their own hours has appealed to their need for additional cash flow and they are ready to work this system to its fullest potential.

Jump Start To Wealth

Jump Start To Wealth has contacted these home business opportunity entrepreneurs with a direct mail solicitation for a “can’t fail” income generating system. Buying and selling gas and fast food reward certificates.

L W Business Opportunity Buyers

Eager entrepreneurs have purchased through direct mail an amazing new business opportunity that lets them capture a piece of the fragmented logo apparel business. L W gives the individual entrepreneur everything they need to make an unlimited income.

Magic Kids Profit Grabbers

The Magic Kids Profit Grabbers list is comprised of individuals who are looking for an easy way to make money in a home based business venture, or to supplement their income substantially with minimal time put into a guaranteed profit generating program.

Majestic Opportunity Buyers

These Middle Americans have purchased one of the fastest growing money making system programs in years. These individuals have paid $27.95 for a program that will enable them to gain financial security.

Mammon Money Making Opportunity Seekers

Reach this exclusive audience of home business opportunity seekers. These individuals have all sent in money to participate in one of Mammons’ business opportunity systems. They are all looking for ways to increase their income as quickly as possible.

Maverick Money Makers

The Maverick Money Makers list is comprised of financially motivated consumers looking to either supplement their income or begin a new business venture through the purchase of opportunity books and CDs. They want to set their own hours, be their own boss and decide how much time they want to invest in working one of the Maverick Money programs. The more they work it, the more they earn!

Max Plus Opportunity

Max Plus Opportunity has made a direct mail offer to these eager entrepreneurs and they responded with credit card in hand! The modest charge incurred will allow them to finally reach that brass ring, and start making their down time extremely profitable with one of the best home business opportunities available.

Maxwell Gates Opportunity Buyers

The buyers on this list want nothing less than to choose their path to riches and conduct their work days the way they see fit. With the option to select a work package from moderate to aggressive returns, these money driven workers can put themselves in the perfect situation that will increase their net worth to the level that they desire.

Money Boom Opportunity Buyers

These work at home business opportunity buyers are looking to set their own hours and be their own boss, while creating an influx of cash to either supplement their existing income, or justify a new business venture. Their search has ended here with the most profitable cash generating system available today.

Money Mountain Opportunity Buyers

These opportunity seekers have found the perfect way to make money and create a unique lifestyle working for themselves. This is a turnkey system that offers a custom tailored money making program that has great potential to generate fast cash quickly. This is a system that can maximize their money making abilities. They have spent $35.00 for a cutting-edge proprietary money making technology program that will help lead these business opportunity seekers on the fast track to making money.

Money Secrets Of Top Financial Minds

Buyers on the Money Secrets Of Top Financial Minds list are all consumers looking to find ways to free or highly discounted items quick & easy, or discover how they can keep more of what they have already earned.

Money Seekers Opportunity Buyers

Buyers spend either $19.95 or $39.95 for the quintessential opportunity offers. In one case they find out how to get money from the government. In the other they get all the information they need on how to get money, get out of debt, consolidate loans and enjoy wealth. These names are the best names distilled from the responses of one of the largest opportunity mailers.

Monumental Wealth Building System

The income seekers on the Monumental Wealth Building System list paid $10.00 to join this work from home advertising system. Many go on to spend from $100 to $500 per month on postcards to advertise their opportunity program. With aspirations of pulling in big money with this home business cash plan, these entrepreneurs are ready to be their own boss, set their own hours and put all of the effort they deem necessary to hit the financial win fall that they seek.

Neo – Tech Buyers

These buyers have purchased the Neo-Tech information package. They learn how to acquire money, power, romantic love, vibrant health, and a good life. Buyers spend $140 for the package.

New Century Opportunity Buyers

This audience has sent $58 to a direct mail campaign offering membership to The Financial Independence Club. It is geared to helping these individuals earn an additional $15,000 a year.

New Concept Opportunity Buyers

These are purchasers of a home-based money making business that has been documented to be an instant cash production winner. They pay between $29.95 – $59.95 for the “Instant Star Making Money” package, which is unique and a proven business opportunity that starts these eager individuals on the path to financial wealth.

Passport To Wealth

Passport To Wealth is comprised of some of the best working home business opportunity systems on the market today. Whether the system be realty flipping, addressing, an online business or turnkey marketing system, Passport To Wealth is your one stop shop for the best “Work At Home” buyers sourced through a DRTV format.

Quick Bank Wealth Formula

The Quick Bank Wealth Formula list is comprised of individuals who want to make the most of their spare time. And to them making the most means making cash! These buyers have decided on this home business opportunity plan because of its ease and effectiveness. Whether this be a business venture that they put 100% of their attention into, or simply a way to cash in during their off hours each week, the Quick Bank Wealth Formula has proven to be the perfect system for them.

Quick Cash Payback System

With hopes of supplementing their income by creating a cash flow through a home business opportunity, buyers on the Quick Cash Payback System have put their faith, and money, into a system that has all the signs of producing big returns.

Regency Premium Buyers – The Regency Premium Buyers list is made up of top level home business opportunity entrepreneurs who are looking to turn a large, fast and easy profit in their spare time and from the comfort of their own house.

Revolutionary Winning System – This is a very simple business opportunity program that doesn’t require a high level of selling or technical ability. They virtually have the chance to generate an ever-increasing monthly income, even setting the system aside and doing nothing.

Rich Rewards Opportunity Buyers – Reach these promotionally responsive, entrepreneurial minded work at home enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for self-improvement ideas and ways to make money from home. These high end buyers have all spent a minimum of $99 on one of several opportunities that promise the potential to make big money working from the comfort of your home, while minimizing the actual workload. These entrepreneurs want to get rich, and are always looking for ways to help them accomplish that.

Right System Opportunity Buyers – The Right System Opportunity Buyers have been shown the easy path to big dollars. All they needed was a computer, some free time and the desire to be successful in their own home business plan.

Rothschild Cash Rush Opportunity Buyers – Rothschild Cash Rush, one of the new, hot home business opportunities has been sought out by these internet users in search of a work at home income generating system. They have decided that this method has all of the key components that they have wanted, and will allow them to be their own boss and work from the privacy and comfort of their living room easy chair.

Russ Von Hoelscher’s Opportunity Book Buyers – Russ Von Hoelscher, author and master of money-making offers, has put his buyer names on the market. These avid opportunity seekers all have spent from $6 to $195 (the latter over 25% of the file) for opportunity books, cassettes, manuals and tapes to find out how to make money the Von Hoelscher way.

Sky Rocket Opportunity Buyers – This program is geared to help individuals make high profits in their spare time. Once they have learned the “Nine Easy to Start, No Investment Business” system, they can go on to making money as first time entrepreneurs. The program teaches how to get free advertising for many business opportunity ventures.

Success Publishers Opportunity Buyers – The power of the internet has excited the money hungry opportunity prospects on this list enough, to send $50 to Success Publishers for their revolutionary new secret system to earn up to $12,000 per month simply by receiving and mailing one letter daily.

Systematic Millionaire Maker Buyers – Systematic Millionaire Maker has a proven track record demonstrating their ability to create, build and finance money-making opportunities from the idea state to multi-million dollar companies for both themselves and others. Their program provides many of the most important forms and documents necessary to start, fund and implement a successful business. In addition, their custom software program and business tutorial provides the budding entrepreneur everything they need to take their ideas from concept to riches.

The Winning You Opportunity Buyers – Individuals on The Winning You Opportunity Buyers list of opportunity buyers are looking to put their all into an income generating system in their spare time. The allure of being their own boss has put them on a search for the best in money making plans, and they have come to the decision that this is the one for them.

Trillion Dollar Money Makers – The Trillion Dollar Money Makers list is made up of financially savvy entrepreneurs who have been looking for the most effective way to turn their spare time into big dollars. With the option of working the system themselves, or signing up others to do the leg work, these buyers are poised to pull in astounding figures monthly with little effort.

Turning Rich In A Stitch Opportunity Buyers – Buyers on the Turning Rich In A Stitch Opportunity list have made the decision that this system is a perfect fit to help them reach financial independence from the comfort of their own home. With full control of how often and intensely they work this program, they are optimistic that their dreams of a substantial net worth is now within their grasp.

United Benefits Of America Buyers – The individuals on the United Benefits Of America Buyers list are general goods consumers who have been contacted via telemarketing to sign up for big savings. These buyers have listened to a telephone sales pitch and have decided to go ahead and pay $15.00 a month to sign up with this cash saving program. With companies like Nike, GE, Sony and others having products offered in the program, not mention the up to 70% savings at over 18,000 restaurants, they are confident that their small investment will pay off in spades!

Vista, Inc. Opportunity Buyers & Responders – Individuals on the Vista, Inc. Opportunity list of buyers and responders are all money hungry consumers looking to either fill their spare time with an income generating opportunity, or perhaps even start up a full time home based business venture. They all want to be their own boss, work the hours that they want to, and determine how much money they want to pull from the system.

Wes-State Opportunity Buyers – Since 1976 Wes-State has been one of the most successful business opportunity program sellers. This list is comprised of all buyers of one of many income generating work at home systems that they offer. Some of the opportunities that they have chosen from are to be a compiler of addresses, to generate sales through stuffing and mailing promotional materials, get involved in real estate, or become a loan broker. Both reward these members with an income based on the number of pieces completed. $10 gets responders an information packet while $35 enrolls them in a program.

Wilcox Opportunity Buyers – Individuals on the Wilcox Opportunity Buyers are money hungry, and income savvy entrepreneurs who are looking for the best way to turn their free time into big money. They have turned to the real estate market in response to a direct mail solicitation from Wilcox.

William S. Power Opportunity Buyers – Nearly everybody has been affected to a great extent by our ongoing energy crisis. These are all buyers interested in saving money by saving energy, whether it be by slashing utility bills (by saving electricity, natural gas, or heating oil), saving gasoline, or taking advantage of solar power. Most have purchased DIY “Do-It-Yourself” manuals with complete and detailed instructions for building a wide range of energy-saving devices, and/or purchasing such devices already built. Also included with each manual is a detailed Business Plan that shows folks how to earn money with their own very profitable home-based business, by also marketing the manuals they have purchased.

Winning On The Web Opportunity Buyers – These entrepreneurs are the ultimate work at home enthusiasts. After responding to a direct mail or telemarketing solicitation, these self-starters invested $199 or more to start their own web based business. Many go on to purchase additional business services, coaching and advertising for their new web based business.

World Success Opportunity – Individuals on the World Success Opportunity list are all entrepreneurs looking to produce an income from the comfort of their own homes. They want to be their own boss and decide how much time and effort they want to put into a money making program.

Zaken’s Wealth Building Buyers – Reach upscale buyers who have paid $148.00 for the Wealth Building Techniques System. These moneymakers are geared to achieve financial independence as “Closeout Merchandise Finders”. The program’s emphasis is for these individuals to locate companies that have an abundance of products that they would be interested in selling for discounted/closeout pricing. These leads are then gathered and the main office (Quick Sell Liquidators) follows them up, and once a sale is made the business opportunist makes a 50% royalty profit.

Zone Of Wealth – These entrepreneurs are looking for the good life. They have paid $49.95 for the “Big Cash” program that will generate them an income stream of wealth. Zone of Wealth Business Opportunity Buyers are aiming to make money in the comfort of their home.

Zoom Trac Opportunity Buyers – The individuals that bought their way onto the Zoom Trac Opportunity list are financially motivated and want to increase their present income or possibly begin a new business venture. The idea of working from home and being the boss of their own free time is very appealing to them, so Zoom Trac was a perfect fit into their game plans.