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Astrology Sweepstakes and Psychic Mailing Lists

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Luckman Amazing Lottery Secret Buyers

Individuals on the Luckman Amazing Lottery Secret Buyers list are dedicated players who make sure to get their numbers for every lottery that they can. They are looking for that big score that will make them financially independent and put them on a path in life free from monetary worries.

Cassandra Astrology Buyers

Now you can reach true astrology believers who have paid $25.00 to see into their futures.They have responded to psychic/astrology offers from either Cassandra the Angel Prophet, BaronessAstrology Buyers Voltaire, Chaucer the Miraculous, or Phillip the Vatican Psychic and others.This audience will respond to a variety of offers, including: psychic, astrology, puzzles, health, vitamins, credit, and catalogs.


These money-loving direct mail buyers are looking for their next big win with the help from well-known clairvoyant (Laura Vivian….)

Through targeted astrology and horoscope mailing, they are responding to offers that will help improve their love life, luck and over-all happiness.span>

Club For Success

This mostly female audience has spent an average of $19.95 in response to various astrology and psychic offers in order to find out about future fortune, romance, health and success.These impulsive buyers all responded to at least one astrology offer sent out by the world’s best known and most successful astrologers.The Club for Success files provide a super responsive audience Opportunity Seekersfor horoscope, sweepstakes, puzzles, low-end general merchandise, apparel, magazines and more!

DMG Opportunity Seekers

These 100% direct mail responsive opportunity seekers have purchased various products via sweepstakes and other promotional offers.Updated monthly, these premium buyers are the perfect audience for all manner of self-improvement, opportunity, lotto/gambling, sweepstakes, 900# and low-end general merchandise offers.

Grandma Rosas Spiritual Products And Good Luck Buyers USA

Direct mail catalog buyers of a variety of spiritual products such as ancient oils, powerful gemstones and jewelry.These impulsive shoppers have turned to these mystical items in the belief that they hold great power influencing luck, health and good fortune.Buyers have a strong belief in divine influence and should prove to be responsive.


Direct Mail Catalog BuyersU.S. buyers of astrology and good luck offers from SMCS USA.These direct mail buyers purchased information to guide them down the path to a better life, happiness, health, love and wealth.This list should be productive for all types of direct mail offers including astrology, sweepstakes, contests, low end merchandise and more.

Kate Reynolds Astrology Buyers

All are direct mail sold buyers, who spend $19.95 + $3.00 postage and handling, for a total of Direct Mail Sold Buyers$22.95 to purchase a Psychic Reading from Kate Reynolds.By using her psychic ability, Kate Reynolds has shown people how to become wealthy with her offer Immediate Cash Package.

Le Grand Advantage

The individuals of the Le Grand Advantage list are opportunity seekers who havepurchased a report detailing Entry Procedures for over $2 million in cash and prize opportunities.These consumers have been known to be interested in not only sweepstakes, but puzzles, contests, astrology, travel, low end merchandise, and many other offers as well.

Mazaluck Lottery Millionare Buyers

Consumers on the Mazaluck Lottery Millionaire Buyers are all American and French direct mail responders looking to reel in cash the easy way. By answering a call to action via a postal solicitation, these lottery / sweepstakes enthusiasts have proven that they are willing to take a chance on the promise of worth of their personal lucky numbers.

Perich Investment Sweepstakes Buyers amp;

Investment Sweepstakes BuyersReach consumers that have responded to a direct mail offer and paid for information on how to be a better winner at sweepstakes with prizes ranging from $5,000 to several million dollars.These impulsive buyers are dedicated to winning and seek out opportunities to increase their chances.

RiverCrest Publishing

Rivercrest Publishing offers you individuals who have purchased books, audiotapes, videos and CD’s on topics which include exposing the New Age movement and the cults.Other topics of interest written from a conservative viewpoint include:Bible prophecy, political, economic andPsychic Emporium List social issues, futurism, UFO’s, Witchcraft, conspiracies, secret societies as well as scandals and cover ups.

Senorita Sotos Psychic Emporium

The Senorita Sotos Psychic Emporium List is comprised of buyers of astrology and occult items. Spending $50 average, with most being at least $300 out of pocket, these individuals have purchased items such as readings, talismans, oils and many other paranormal items.

Shannon Holbrook Astrology Buyers

The Shannon Holbrook Astrology Buyers list is comprised of direct mail sold buyers who have Astrology Buyers listspent $21.95 + $3.00 postage and handling, to receive a Psychic Reading from Shannon Holbrook.By using her psychic ability, Shannon Holbrook has shown people how to become wealthy with her “New Start Energy Package”.

Sophia Astrology

Here is a great list of proven high ticket astrology buyers.These individuals have spent $55.00 to receive an entire year of astrological charts.This list will perform extremely well for a variety of offers, including: psychic, astrology, sweeps, contests, lottery, puzzles and entertainment.

Tools For Freedom Sovereignty Book Buyers

“True sovereignty begins with your choice to be free, to be self-reliant and to take responsibility for your own actions.”This statement encapsulates the outlook on life that the buyers on the Tools For Freedom Sovereignty Book Buyers list have.All of these consumers are looking for a more down-to earth lifestyle, and have turned to to obtain the books that give them the tools to do so.

WDC US Astrological And Good Luck Buyers

Buyers on the WDC US Astrological And Good Luck Buyers lists are individuals who are looking to change their luck and tap into fortunes that mystical powers promise to provide.In response to a direct mail piece, these individuals have put their faith in “Maria The Magician”, “Master Messidor”, or one of WDC’s many other astrology experts to receive magic numbers, astrology readings and/or instruction on obtaining good luck and monetary gain.For as little as a $19.99 “donation”, these astrology and good luck buying consumers are well on their way to happiness and prosperity.