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Adult Oriented Straight/Gay Mailing Lists

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10 Percent Gay Merchandise Buyers

Adult Oriented, a division of Village Lighthouse, has been selling quality clothing, underwear and merchandise to the gay community since 1994. These gay male merchandise buyers from the nation’s largest gay shopping website have spent an average of $77 per visit on quality apparel and merchandise. Many of these gay men are repeat customers and the average legacy customer visits once a week. These gay men buyer enjoy the quality that is featured from various designers that tailor to the gay marketplace.

All Worlds Video

All worlds Video is the award-winning gay adult video company, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and is a pioneer in the industry. Well-known for its military line of adult videos – Dirk Yates Private Collection, the list is made up of loyal, repeat buyers who value high quality adult entertainment. All Worlds Video runs a very successful mail order division, a website and in-house video streaming.

Gallery & Fox – Magazine Subscribers

Uncover this group of sophisticated men who have subscribed to Fox or Gallery Magazines, publications geared toward the contemporary male. In addition to the photographic layouts, these publications feature informative editorials and articles on current topics such as sports, social issues, entertainment, travel and more.

Gay Male XXX Video Buyers

Gay Mailing ListsThese gay men have all purchased various XXX videos featuring gay content. They prefer the comfort and privacy of buying from home. These are all buyers with an average unit of sale of $59.

Instinct Magazine

Instinct Magazine’s vision is to give gay men a new kind of gay magazine: One that does not take itself so seriously. While they will always include a usual bit of inspiring, heart-felt, “This is touching, isn’t it”, moment-of-seriousness in each issue, they would like to promote the rest as a vacation from the over politically correct world. Their bottom line is to let their readers know that it is fine to be any kind of gay man they want to be, so long as they have a sense of humor. And while they plan on entertaining and enlightening and laughing with their readers, they do not plan on preaching to them. They want their readers to enjoy life and get a good laugh when reading Instinct.

Pacific Sun Gay Adult Video Buyers

The buyers on the Pacific Sun Gay Adult Video Buyers list enjoy the convenience and privacy of ordering sexually oriented entertainment through the mail. These buyers are perfect mail order candidates due to their proven buying habits. With gay men making up over 90% of this list, this typically upscale demographic is 80% more likely to have a “gold card” creating a very desirable marketing opportunity! They are typically charitable, into the latest fashions and live an active lifestyle.

Penthouse Magazine

Penthouse magazine has been a leading men’s publication for almost forty years. More recently, in 2005 the magazine was redesigned to attract a younger, broader audience of readers. The pictorials are more glamorous and the content covers a variety of topics including computers and technology, politics, entertainment, sports, fitness and more. The recent changes have allowed Penthouse to compete and stand side by side with other men’s lifestyle publications.

Penthouse Magazine Masterfile

Subscribers to Penthouse Magazine, Penthouse Letters, Variations and Forum have been combined into an unduplicated list to create the Penthouse Magazine Masterfile. These sophisticated adult readers are entertained by Penthouse pictorials and content and informed by the editorial coverage on music and entertainment, politics, sports and fitness, the latest in technology, and more. This combined Masterfile allows mailers to reach the entire universe of subscribers to these popular Penthouse adult publications. Great mailing list.

Penthouse Mens Sophisticates

Subscribers to three specialty publications offered by Penthouse Media Group; Penthouse Letters, Variations and Forum. These readers have paid $29.95 for a 12-month annual subscription to one of these adult publications.

Phoenix Releasing Adult Video Buyers

Reach these men who have purchased XXX videos from Phoenix Releasing. They prefer the comfort and privacy of buying from home. These adult video fans are prime mail order buyers. They are typically age 18-49 with an income of $30,000+ on average.

Phoenix Releasing Gay Adult Video Buyers

Reach these gay men who have purchased XXX videos from Phoenix Releasing. They prefer the comfort and privacy of buying from home. After making initial purchases from, they have been mailed house file catalogs making them prime direct mail prospects. This list is 100% buyers with an average unit of sale over $50.

PML Erotica Masterfile

The PML Erotica Masterfile is comprised of all of the Prestige family of adult buyer files. Adult toys, books & magazines, dvd and videos as well as lesbian oriented items are all a part of this masterfile of erotica shoppers and buyers. Also part of the Prestige Masterfile is their stable of potency/virility/libido enhancing supplements including: All Metro Med, Merit Potency and T Chang.

Prestige Adult Toys

These are affluent individuals who feel more comfortable ordering through the mail these items of personal enjoyment. Items such as condoms, personal vibrators, ticklers, dolls and lubricating jellies to name just a few. These masturbating devices and products are for men & women. They used their high limit credit cards 9 times out of 10. Age: 22 – 58.

Prestige Book, Magazine et al

These people have purchased paperbacks, hardbacks, manuals and magazines in adult reading and entertainment and enjoy sitting at home reading them. They use their credit cards for ease and convenience.

Prestige DVD/Video Masterfile

Buyers of every type of adult DVD or VHS. Most of these are multi buyers who have purchased the absolute premium product of the industry. Credit card 75%, web, fax. Space ads include Hustler and Penthouse.

Prestige Female Adult Product Buyers

These are sophisticated female buyers, who with their above normal disposable income, prefer to purchase this merchandise through the mail, online and via 800#’s. They are confident women who are constantly on the go and enjoy all varieties of catalog shopping! They have purchased, toys, vibrators, lingerie, enhancement products for their “significant other”, along with reading material, videos and much more. Another mailing list that is of value.

Prestige Gay Male XXX Buyers

These financially well-to-do gay male buyers and multi-buyers prefer the privacy of shopping from home for their adult related items. Whether it be via direct mail or the internet, these gay male consumers of XXX goods are buyers of DVD’s, Videos and Toys. Many go on to become multibuyers.

RLD Direct Red Light District Video Buyers

Accept no imitations. This is the true buyer file of RLD Direct, the catalog arm of Red Light District Studios. Red Light District is best known for their celebrity sex videos including One Night in Paris, starring Paris Hilton, One Night in Chyna, starring former WWE wrestler Jonnie “Chyna” Lauler, and many others. In addition to celebrity titles, RLD is known for many various genre’s of XXX videos including fetish, interracial, lesbian, etc.

Spice Catalog

Introducing the Spice Catalog, quality entertainment for adults. The catalog is packed with over 1,700 videos including categories such as sexy adult dramas, how-to videos for lovers, erotic XXX DVDs, gay and lesbian items, fetish items, potency products as well as many other great and unique products. It offers uninhibited adults a discreet way to order sexually oriented items in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

Sterling Adult Entertainment Buyers

The Sterling Adult Entertainment Buyers list consists of 99% male buyers that have made adult purchases for use in the privacy of their own homes. With the embarrassment of purchasing erotic items at a retail location at the forefront of their thoughts, this direct mail solicitation was the perfect offer to find in their mailboxes! Most buyers have paid with their credit cards.

TLA Video Catalog Straight Buyers

The TLA Video Catalog mails a wide selection of both new & hard to find adult videos. This upscale catalog mails quarterly to its’ audience of buyers with an average age of 34 and income of $50k+. TLA Video Buyers are ideal prospects for a variety of offers.

TLA Video Catalog Gay Buyers

TLA is one of the nation’s leading direct marketers of gay and lesbian cinema, including documentaries, short and feature length films, and a large selection of independent and foreign films. TLA’s customers are average income of $50k+ and average age of 34. They are very upscale and royal, and appreciate the wide selection of the latest and hard to find gay theme/interest videos through mail order. The catalog mails quarterly.

Upscale Gay Buyers

The buyers on the Upscale Gay Buyers list are all individuals looking to purchase adult related merchandise from the comfort of their own homes. These consumers have answered advertisements for, and are purchasers of gay XXX movies, books and magazines, as well as cruises catering to the alternative lifestyle that they lead.

Video Age Catalog Buyers

The Video Age Catalog is the most extensive adult rated video collection there is today. This 64 page, full color catalog offers a variety of adult videos exclusively by mail. These avid mail order buyers prefer the privacy and confidentiality of buying merchandise through the mail. A great mailing list