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Industry Mailing Lists

Macromark Inc. is a leading mailing list broker that offers high-quality mailing lists covering all major industry categories including health, finances, business, publications, self-improvement, travel, catalogs, baby boomers and various others. We offer mailing lists across various industries in Canada, the U.S., and internationally. There are more than 70,000 lists on the market and custom list brokerage is needed to maximize profitability.

Nutritional Health Mailing Lists

We offer a variety of regularly updated and new mailing lists for nutritional health, including popular categories like blood sugar control, low testosterone, brain health, heart health, joint health, beauty care, bladder control, weight loss, anti-aging, virility, and many more.

Finance & Investment Mailing Lists

Get updated financial mailing lists of buyers interested in general investments, stock traders, options and commodities trading and overall financial education.

Publishing Industry Mailing Lists

We have up-to-date mailing lists of buyers subscribed to or interested in a variety of publications, books, and magazines.

Business Mailing Lists

There are tens of thousands of targeted lists for every business to mail whether you are targeting CEO’s or administrative personnel for conferences, software, human resources or travel incentives.

Self-Improvement Mailing Lists

For more than 25 years Macromark has been the leader in targeting individuals looking to improve or educate their lives with information about how to make more money, get ahead in leadership, learning new vocations or just discovering more about themselves or the World.

Catalog Mailing Lists

Catalog direct mail drives sales for online and offline stores more so than any other media. There are great opportunities in the direct mail list market for targeting individuals or businesses that have prior purchase indicators interested in your specific products.

Travel Mailing Lists

Both individuals and businesses continue to spend more money on travel and there are great opportunities to reach out to them thru targeted direct mail that cuts through the clutter other media are subjected to. Whether you are promoting a conference, seminar or just a vacation destination we know who these individuals are that would be most likely to respond.

Baby Boomer Mailing Lists

There are so many great lists to reach this direct mail savvy customer that grew up purchasing and using direct mail as their primary response media and information source. With the Baby Boomers having over 70% of the disposable income in the Country, Macromark has made it a point to specialize in the lists that reach this market best.

General Mailing Lists

Macromark Inc. has a variety of other lists to offer, including new home buyers, real estate investors, seminar attendees, opportunity magazine subscribers, and many more. We also offer business and consumer mailing lists.