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How Direct Mail Holiday Catalogs Still Work Today

You may be like many businesses out there that have switched to online marketing from print catalog marketing. For a while, this method has saved companies money thanks to the rise and popularity of the digital world for promotion and sales. Surprisingly, however, the companies that have maintained their print catalog campaigns in tandem with […]

The Elements of an Effective Marketing Strategy with Print Catalogs

A catalog marketing strategy is an effective way to promote your brand. Despite the digital age, print catalog marketing has continued to provide effective success for businesses by presenting information to customers when they are offline. The convenient format of catalogs allows people to take your product information with them on their commutes, while they […]

Printed Catalogs Drive Online Traffic to Your Web Site

Despite the advantages and convenience of Internet marketing strategies, many successful businesses still incorporate catalog marketing strategies to grow their customer base. One of the reasons why printed catalogs are still around is that they have stood the test of the time. Even after all of the hype of the Internet and e-commerce, there is […]

Why Are Printed Catalogs Still Relevant?

Thanks to technology, customers can easily order online, over landlines, and even from their smartphones. With so many choices right at the fingertips, it’s no wonder businesses are asking, why printed catalogs are still around. Surprisingly, catalog marketing is still thriving for businesses around the world. Retail giants like Amazon and IKEA rely heavily on […]

Media Buying vs. Media Planning

If you’re looking for new ways to reach your prospective customers and make a big impact with your message at an affordable cost, there are several options for you to choose from. If your goal is to negotiate, strategize, and purchase effective ad placements, media planning and media buying may be the strategies you need. […]

How to Make an Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

The rise of technology has caused many businesses to focus on their online marketing. However, other businesses are still seeing a benefit of using direct mail marketing to reach their customers. There are many different types of direct mail marketing, one being a postcard marketing campaign. But how are these benefits achieved? The following postcard […]

The Importance of Print Catalogs in an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Over the past decade, the rise in technology has led many businesses to switch their marketing strategies from print to online. Companies believed this would be a more affordable way to reach their customers, and that the global advantage of the Internet might bring them more customers. However, recent studies of the lasting effectiveness, success, […]

How Print Catalog Marketing Helps e-Commerce Retailers

There are endless tools available for online marketing, so why would e-commerce retailers like Ikea, Bonobos, Athleta, Boden, Williams-Sonoma, or Neiman Marcus Group, consider a physical catalog marketing strategy? Catalogs stay popular because they have a greater impact on the customer, and more effectively deliver a brand’s discounts, special offers, and featured items. This marketing […]

How Businesses Can Benefit from Catalog Marketing in the Digital Age

Every month people receive dozens of catalogs in their mailbox. House and home magazines, grocery store flyer booklets, thick fashion catalogs, and health product mini magazines are delivered door-to-door as brands try to reach their consumers and make a solid impact. You might be wondering, with the convenience and affordability of Internet marketing, why are […]

What are the Benefits of Postcard Marketing?

In today’s saturated market, business owners are constantly searching for ways to advertise their products or services, and attract new customers. With the rapid expansion of the Internet and social media in past years, a substantial portion of marketing efforts have been allotted to online campaigns. While this is a good strategy to reach a […]