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How Businesses Can Benefit from Catalog Marketing in the Digital Age

Every month people receive dozens of catalogs in their mailbox. House and home magazines, grocery store flyer booklets, thick fashion catalogs, and health product mini magazines are delivered door-to-door as brands try to reach their consumers and make a solid impact. You might be wondering, with the convenience and affordability of Internet marketing, why are […]

What are the Benefits of Postcard Marketing?

In today’s saturated market, business owners are constantly searching for ways to advertise their products or services, and attract new customers. With the rapid expansion of the Internet and social media in past years, a substantial portion of marketing efforts have been allotted to online campaigns. While this is a good strategy to reach a […]

How to Use Every Door Direct Mail to Grow Your Business

As a business owner, you may have heard of every door direct mail (EDDM) when looking into direct mail marketing campaigns. But what is every door direct mail, and how can you use it to help grow your business? Well, it’s a cost-effective strategy that business owners can use to target entire neighborhoods, and have […]

Targeted Mailing Lists vs. Every Door Direct Mail

If you’re looking to market to your current customer base and appeal to new prospects, you may be in the market for some type of advertising campaign. While you may be leaning towards promotion through social media since that’s the most popular right now, why not give a direct mail campaign a shot? This may […]

How to Market Your Subscription Box Business

Using direct mail marketing for subscription box services is one way you can get new customers. Gaining new leads and encouraging prospects to become loyal customers is one of the most important and challenging aspects of any business. Monthly subscription box marketing provides many benefits to businesses, such as keeping customers on board month after […]

What Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and Its Benefits?

Every Door Direct Mail, abbreviated to EDDM, is a program by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that markets businesses to every door of the neighborhood without using a mailing list. Using this program, businesses can easily reach their target customers in a specific area without going over their budget as the service comes at a […]

Print Advertising Is Still Alive

How many times are we going to read a story about the death of print advertising? In the time it takes to read this article, we’re sure another 10 will be printed making claims about the ineffectiveness of print advertising. Yet, despite all of the critics pointing to diminishing ad sales as a clear cut […]

Advantages of Local Newspaper Advertising

If you want to increase brand recognition, foot traffic, product sales, and repeat business, buying ad space in local newspapers is a great place to begin. Although radio and television have their advantages, local papers offer many benefits that help you achieve a good return on investment and boost your leads and sales. Here are […]

Subscription Box Direct Mail Marketing Services

As consumer interest for products grows, direct mail marketing is making a comeback. Consumers enjoy the more personal approach to monthly deliveries of their favorite or niche items. Pet toys, gourmet snacks, makeup, razors, skincare products, and more are being sent to customers’ doors on a monthly basis thanks to subscription box services—often for a […]

How to Retain Monthly Subscription Box Members

Monthly subscription box services can be hugely beneficial to keeping a business or brand stable. The monthly income through loyal subscribers provides a reliable starting point for your budget and boosts your marketing strategy by giving you access to a niche market. Unfortunately, unless customers are in it for the long run, each month’s success […]